"Fistface is an exciting tale of a well aged man who, as a result of an accident, becomes a legendary hero and subsequently goes through a journey of discovering who he is in his new life - making an impact along the way."

Fistface is a passion project created by Keith Harshbarger. Completed and premiered in Fall of 2011, Fistface is a film that embodies various aspects of Director Keith Harshbarger.

Fistface is a labour of love. Conceived in 2006, the film features live action, stop-motion animation, cartoon animation and puppetry.

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Fistface Teaser, Film and Score Excerpts

Fistface Main Cast

Screenplay by:

  • Keith Harshbarger

  • Grant Langebartels

Co-Written by:

  • Keith Harshbarger

  • Grant Langebartels

  • Colin Orr

  • Cramer Grimes

  • Oren Wagoner

  • Drew Swyers

Music by:

Main Cast:

  • Grant Langebartels is Fistface

  • Dustin LaFollette is Baby Oil Face

  • Julie Jackson is Giovanna Trillini

  • David Johnson is Marty Khars

  • Jozef Watson is Señor Hermenez

  • Colin Orr is Colin Franklin

  • Stewart Forrest (Bullington) is Sigurævar

  • Cramer Grimes is Benito Martinez

  • Cali Way is Gretchen Whom

  • Ashley LaFollette is Ling Kao Kamikaze

Based on Characters Created by:

  • Keith Harshbarger

  • Grant Langebartels

  • Colin Orr

  • Cramer Grimes

Produced, Edited and Directed by:

  • Keith Harshbarger

Fistface Production 2006 - 2011

Fistface Movie Stills

Fistface Promotional Materials

The Premiere of Fistface 9-22-2011

Fistface on DVD

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Disc One:

  • Fistface Feature Film

  • Teaser Trailer

  • Full Trailer

  • The Fistface Premiere

Disc Two:

  • Making of Fistface

  • Outtakes

  • Fistface Music Video

  • Deleted Scenes