It Is Finished... Isn't it?

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Well, we had the big premiere! (more photos to come) It was a success as far as I can tell, and have been told, and I only slept 2.5 hrs that day! In total, 160 tickets out of 240 possible were sold, that's pretty good if you ask me. Friends, family, aquantences, friends of friends all came out for the big day.

Has a chapter of my life come to an end? I'm still conflicted with that question. I want to enter the film into some contests, I want to put it on a DVD with commentary/making of/full bloopers/etc... as well as fix a few glitches in the film I noticed at the premiere. So I'd say yes, it has ended, and we're on the other side of it. Because nothing will be as tough as that process was, at least nothing of similar circumstance.

What's next, take it easy for now, work on SMALLER projects as well as focus on my real job. Still processing the whole premiere. More thoughts to come.

Photo: The Media Buff with stars Grant Langebartels (Fistface) and Dustin LaFollette (Baby Oil Face) - Photo courtesy of Katie Jenkins

-The Media Buff