It's September 2011...

#Fistface premieres THIS MONTH... yes, it's still a work in progress, and yes, it'll be done by September 22nd... I've had two pre-screenings, five years to work, gone through two computers and I've had the help of dozens of friends to get me to this point... I'm going to be done!

I'm not sure what the other side of September 22nd will look like artistically, it's weird. I've had this film in the back of my mind for FIVE years people. That's a long time for one person to work on an idea, as many of you know, and actually have it come to fruition (through a lot of toil). It's going to be a glorious day to be done with it, but it'll also be a little sad. I'm sure Fistface will still surface in my life, as I see it it's a stepping stone in my creative portfolio. And I look forward to the day when I can say, "Hey, throw in that movie I made years ago, Fistface. That'd be a fun watch."

A few things I do know are on the other side of September 22nd, film contests, behind the scenes doc and interviews as well as some Mystery Science Theater style Fistface Commentary! I'm looking forward to being able to review and have fun with the film as a completed work!

-The Media Buff