My Wedding - July 2014

In July of 2014, your Media Buff got married to the love of my life, Meredith! I don't really blog about myself personally, but I thought I would share some of the elements of our wedding with you.

My now wife and I began dating in 2011. When I knew things were headed towards marriage, one of the many things I did, as any guy would do... was create a Pinterest Wedding Board. So, going into marriage I had a pretty good idea of what a wedding entails in order to be pulled off. This is contrary to most men of course, but I like to plan ahead.

Now, I didn't have it all figured out (surprise, surprise), but by the time Meredith and I sat down to discuss the look of our wedding, I think I had more in mind on what we could do than she did. Instantly overwhelmed, we eventually narrowed down the ideas we wanted to use!

Going into the proposal I knew I wanted to document it - I'm the Media Buff after all! So some good friends of mine helped photograph and film the proposal. Below you will find a Proposal Video I edited together.

After she said, "Yes", like we all knew she would :) we filmed a "Save-the-Date" video! These have become increasingly popular over the years, so I eased her into the idea and she loved it! Being an artistic kind of couple, the idea of painting something seemed easy enough to do. Meredith even got to do some filming!

I'm a big stickler for marketing consistency, as that is my job. So I tried to make sure all of our wedding elements had some sort of consistency to them. That ended up first manifesting itself in the form of our '&' image and our wedding color, Plum. The '&' first showed up in our Save-the-Date video. As for print materials, those are in the photo album below.

In addition to the Save-the-Date video, we did a physical invite that we sent out, for the older generations, and because it's more traditional. The invite included a photo of us taken by our good friends, Travis and Maryn Pryor, from Black Frame Photography. This invite we printed out ourselves, cut, and mailed. It had the same font of '&' we used in our Engagement photos, as well as the same overall font style.

We then eventually moved on to our actual wedding invitations (also seen below)! The invitations furthered the marketing consistency through the color Plum as I mentioned, the fonts, and the '&' image. Both items will follow through in our wedding map, wedding program, and so on. We printed these images with Overnight Prints. They did a great job with their quick turnaround time and sharp work.

Other miscellaneous items from our wedding include a seating sign, table photos, drink slide, Instagram table cards and thank you cards.

It's hard to believe the wedding day has come and gone, but we're so very thankful for it and the amazing time it was. I hope this short rundown of wedding elements gave you an idea of what our wedding was like and maybe inspired your own wedding!

-The Media Buff #meredithkeith14

p.s. If you're interested in seeing photos from our Big Day, check out our AMAZING wedding photographer, Jessica Strickland's website. You can also check out our wedding recap video below. It was created by Cybil and Brandon Studios.