ignite Camp 2014 (updated)

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This past Summer I helped my church promote their Summer Youth Camp through many ways. Those ways, as they have in the past, include design, a teaser video, promotional videos as well as recap videos and a rules video.

This year's theme was "ignite", with the sub-theme of "Come Alive". In the past, we have called the camp "ignite" but have not had the theme be "ignite". We wanted to bring the theme back to the core of "ignite", and have it simply represent that idea of igniting Christ in students' lives. Students being ignited for Him. The "Come Alive" element only emphasizes the theme.

Through a series of discussions, we came up with this year's logo. It's simple with a slightly combustable graphic behind it, as seen to the right.

The first promo for camp this year included a teaser video, found below. It's high-energy and full of clips from past camps. As the months go by, I create additional promotional materials, many found below. This includes goofy promotional videos describing a different element of camp each time. We also create a Rules video, however this years Rules video was too goofy for YouTube. Once camp starts I'm in video mode. I created two recaps while AT camp this year, a decrease from the three I made last year and four I've made in past years (got married this year, busy, less work is good). We also interviewed some students about their camp experience (seen below as well).

Camp is huge in the lives of our students AND leaders. It's that one time of year we all come together, separated from the daily grind and wholey focused on God. I love it.

Find out more about ignite Camp here.

-The Media Buff