Swyers Farewell Video

I've been involved with my church's youth ministry since I was in high school. So roughly 17 years... man I'm old. I've been in a leadership role with the ministry for roughly 13 of those years. The past 7-8 years I have served in Student Ministry with a very close friend, Ian Swyers. He was brought on staff at my church in 2006, and little did I know how impactful his presense in the role of High/Middle School youth ministry Pastor would be.

Since he came on staff, I have gotten to know him and his wife, Danielle, very well. My wife is also very close to them both. Ian's presence in our youth ministry was more than a role for him, it was his life. He poured so much of himself into that role and it showed. Recently he had the opportunity arise to serve a missions organization. He took the role, a natural one from where he had been. It was definitly sad for us to lose his full-time attention to my church, but thankfully he's still an active member of the church.

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With all of that said, I naturally was asked to put a little "going away" video together for Ian & Danielle. It happened to be in the midst of my wedding planning (which Ian pastored), but Ian's relationship deserved this. So I rounded up all the footage I could of Ian (and Danielle) and set it to a song performed by his brothers band, Floor Plan. I also filmed several interviews (one of which I am in!) that include a few words from many of those impacted by Ian & Danielle's ministry.

I'm not going to lie, I teared up at my own video. It was fun to see all the memories and projects I have been a part of with Ian in one video. We're all very thankful for Ian & Danielle and are excited for this next chapter in their lives. Below is the final video.

-Media Buff