Jurnee Walker: 4-Year-Old Shoot

Jurnee 2009.

Jurnee 2009.

Recently my friend Tania asked me to take some photos of her adorable, 4-year-old daughter, Jurnee. I took some photos of Jurnee back in 2009 when she was just born. A photo from that shoot is to the right.

For our 2013 shoot, and since Jurnee is a princess, Tania had her in a cute little balerina outfit for half of the shoot. Jurnee embodied the princess vibe quite well! For the remainder of the shoot we put Jurnee in an equaly cute summer dress.

For this shoot we went to the Indianapolis Art Museum and Oldfields - Lily House & Gardens and took our photos. A nice sampling of those photos can be found below. I had a wonderful time hanging with my good friend Tania and photographing Jurnee! I look forward to but dread the day I get to photography Jurnee as a Senior in High School or as a Bride!

-The Media Buff