ignite Camp 2013 Recap

2013 ignite camp logo.

2013 ignite camp logo.

I have once again been given the amazing opportunity to create promotional materials, graphics, recap videos and more for ignite Camp. Each year I am tasked with creating a new look based on the theme. This year's theme was "ONETHING", with the One Thing being Jesus, of course.

Each year during camp I have volunteers film along with myself. I then edit that footage quite quickly into a daily recap video. The camp takes place from Monday through Friday. I produce a recap for the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning services. It's a challenging task, but I manage to pull it off with God's help as always! I don't think I could do it any other way. Three recap videos were created this year; they are embedded below. There's also another video we did, a Harlem Shake video. It was done just for fun and can be found below as well.

This was our 2nd consecutive year at Camp Mack and each year we create a "Rules Video" demonstraing what to do and what NOT to do at camp. For the "Rules Video" this year, we decided to play upon The Hunger Games film, basing all the rules in the world of The Hunger Games. Check it out below.

ignite Camp is always an amazing experience and this year it was no different. I look forward to ignite each year and it's always an honor to serve with such amazing leaders and students.

-The Media Buff