Mom's 60th Birthday Display

My mother recently turned 60 and for her birthday I wanted to do some things to make it memorable and special. One of those things was making a number '60' out of photos from throughout her life.

I came across this idea on Pinterest, naturally. I don' think that means the idea is any less special; pulling it off is half the battle! I went about scouring for old photos of my mom, scanning most of them (as I didn't have a digital camera before 2003). Once they were scanned I cleaned them up and printed them, in black and white. I then sketched out the number 60 in foam core and cut it out.

I arranged all the photos on the board, doing my best to use as many as I could, adhering them with photo mount stickers. I put a couple braces between the two numbers, since they would be placed on a tripod when all was said and done.

The finished product is to the right and I think turned out great! My mother is very special to me and I wanted to do something nice to show her.

- The Media Buff

Keith Harshbarger