The Doctor (Nate) and MY TARDIS... not his.

The Doctor (Nate) and MY TARDIS... not his.

I recently put together a demo video to show off the TARDIS I made back in the Fall of 2015.

We hauled my TARDIS to my friends house in pieces, and assembled it. I tried to find a place that had a mix of rural and urban elements because I did NOT want to have to haul this thing around setting it up and tearing it down multiple times. It takes about 30+ minutes to setup.

Once we were all setup, I had my friends Jess and Nate dress up as The Doctor and Companion. They didn't know much about Doctor Who but that didn't matter, they were great at running and playing the part!

I tried to create a video that not only showed off my TARDIS but had some Doctor Who fun in it. With the Doctor reminiscing about his previous incarnations all while saving the companion and avoiding the Dalek's! The Dalek was actual a photo I took of the Dalek I made back in 2013 for a friend's business, that blog can be found HERE.

In the end we had their son, Zion, make a cameo as The Doctor. Because afterall, the TARDIS makes a great prop for any event or child's birthday party :)

Check out my in depth blog entry explaining what I went through to get my TARDIS "off the ground".

-The Media Buff