Katelyn + Ross: 06-18-2016

My wife and I with Katelyn (2nd from right) and Ross (left) at their rehearsal dinner.

My wife and I with Katelyn (2nd from right) and Ross (left) at their rehearsal dinner.

This past June I had the pleasure of filming the wedding of Katelyn and Ross!

My wife has been friends and co-workers with Katelyn for a few years now. When Katelyn and Ross were engaged, she went on to ask my wife to be a bridesmaid. Soon after that I was asked to film the big event. I was pretty excited that we both got to be a part of the big day.

The event took place on the circle in downtown Indianapolis at the Hilbert Circle Theater. This venue has been on the circle for 100 years (1916-2016), so it was pretty neat to be able to film the Sergi wedding there on the 100th anniversary.

It was fun capturing the history and design of the building on film. The theater was built in a Neo-Classical Revival style - marked by symmetry, bright colors and simplicity and inspired by the arts of ancient Greece and Rome - and its interior was designed in the style of 18th-century architect Robert Adam, who employed motifs from Greek, Etruscan and Pompeian artists. All that to say, I love history and it was wonderful to be able to capture not only the venue but the event on video.

When Katelyn and Ross are together they are a fun loving couple to be around. They bring out the best in each other and we are thankful for their friendship!

We wish Katelyn and Ross a very happy life and marriage! Check out the teaser video and recap of the big day below.

-The Media Buff