Youth For Christ Videos

This past summer (2015) I was approached by the Executive Director (ED) of the Central Indiana Youth For Christ (YFC) to create some videos for their organization. Their ED also happens to be an old acquaintance of mine from my church.

What is YFC? "YFC reaches young people everywhere, working together with the local church and other like-minded partners to raise up lifelong followers of Jesus who lead by their godliness in lifestyle, devotion to the Word of God and prayer, passion for sharing the love of Christ, and commitment to social involvement."

I was asked to create several 3-4 minute videos that spotlight YFC's different programs. This includes 'City Life', 'Campus Life', 'Parent Life' and 'City Life Wheels'.

Each program focuses on a different age group; High School, College, and Parenting. I worked with a YFC worker who setup several different interviews. I came in and mic'd the individual a part of a certain program and we went through the interview. Some of the interviews went a little better than others, simply because some people do NOT like to be interviewed or on camera. We still managed to get some useful material out of everyone, material that explained their involvement with the YFC program and how Christ has impacted their life through that program.

I came to learn a lot about YFC. I had only ever heard of YFC through my church. I knew it was a Christ-centered organization but never knew how it was connected to High Schools or anything like that. It was really neat to hear how YFC worked and how it was a place for people with nothing to come and encounter Christ.

In the end we had a few spotlight videos of each individual. We also created a slightly longer video that talked about YFC as a whole and spotlighted several of those people I interviewed.

This past November I was invited to a large YFC event at the Indianapolis Colts Training Facility. YFC invited hundreds of people across the city to come and hear about YFC, with the help of a couple of my videos. It was neat to learn even more about YFC and see how so many people are involved with helping bring young people to Christ.

I really enjoyed my time helping out YFC with their project and look forward to similar projects in the future.

-The Media Buff