ignite: Justin and Janna

For the past 10+ years, my friend Justin from church has helped lead worship at the Christian summer camp I help out with and blog about yearly. Justin has helped lead worship at camp faithfully for quite some time, and a few years into camp, his wife Janna joined in. They've served with open hearts and unending passion and it's helped define the worship experience for our youth at camp.

Well after our 2015 camp, Justin and Janna decided to step down from leading worship. They have 3 children now, both work at our church and have so many responsibilities between the two of them. It only makes sense that they might want to step down at this point.

With that, we decided to honor Justin and Janna somehow. There's really no perfect way to honor such a selfless contribution to such a powerful experience, but nonetheless we wanted to say thanks. On the last Sunday in 2015, we presented Justin and Janna with a framed version of the image above.

I designed the image from screenshots of camp footage. All the different "ignite" fonts you see were the actual camp font the years they served. We also presented them with the video below, featuring a few key people that have helped camp happen the past 10+ years saying some kind words to Justin and Janna.

I have no doubt that in the future Justin and Janna will stop by camp, say hi, maybe lead a song or two. But for now, we're so blessed to have them still help lead worship at our church on a regular basis.

-The Media Buff