Hannah + Ben: 9-5-2015

The Media Buff (in blue) filming the wedding party.

The Media Buff (in blue) filming the wedding party.

My wife and I recently had the opportunity to film the wedding of Hannah and Ben. They were such a fun couple to film and had a wedding that was full of awesome locations and people.

They held their wedding at the Indianapolis Public Library in downtown Indianapolis. This was such an exciting venue to film in because of the history and surrounding elements that made it such a fun shoot.

The library was built in 1917, with a major renovation/addition being completed in 2007. So there's a beautiful mix of old and new architecture. Their reception was held in the newly built portion of the library which featured large, elegant, metal supports that supported the ceiling.

We wish Hannah and Ben the happiest of marriages!

Check out the recap below:

-The Media Buff