Clay + Katelyn Engagement Shoot 10-11-2015

Clay & Katelyn Engagement Shoot.

Clay & Katelyn Engagement Shoot.

I recently got to take the engagement photos of Clay & Katelyn. I've known Clay since about 2002 when I got to know him and his large family more. Since then I've seen Clay grow into one of the most admirable men I know. He's an amazing musician, a very hard worker and a true man of God.

Clay started dating Katelyn in early High School. They are both now out of college and recently got married. Clay & Katelyn got engaged in late 2014. I took their engagement photos in fall of 2015 with their wedding taking place in the summer of 2016! With such a long dating life, having a long engagement was nothing for these two.

It was a beautiful fall day when we took their engagement photos. They chose historic downtown Zionsville for their shoot. We walked the streets, finding various spots to get some great shots!

Check out some images from their shoot below.

-The Media Buff