Colour Me Good - "Keith" Version

Colour Me GoodEach Christmas I usually manage to make something for someone in some fashion. This Christmas I wanted to make my fiancée a coloring book... It may sound lame, but it's not just any coloring book. It's a coloring book based on the Ryan Gosling, "Colour Me Good", coloring book! The twist on this version is that each page is of me, instead of Ryan... Occationally my fiancée finds her way onto a page here or there, but it's mainly me :) My fiancée enjoys the Ryan Gosling "Hey Girl" meme's and content that comes along with that, so I thought this would be a fun gift for her.

I began the project by finding images of myself to trace and manipulate. Once I did that I laid them out in InDesign. I then printed the images, traced them on my homemade light table, scanned them into the computer, cleaned them up, edited them in Photoshop then Illustrator, exported them and replaced the photographs I had in InDesign with these line drawings of myself.

I tried to make sure the images were fun and organized in a nice flow throughout the book. I emulated the style and cover designs of the Ryan Gosling version, so that it has that same idea. Once the files were done, I submitted them to Blurb. I think it turned out great! Check out a preview of the book below, and apparently you can buy it, too!

-The Media Buff

p.s. my fiancée loved the book :)