The Dancing Light Wall

Each year I manage to host a themed Halloween party. I say "managed" because they are quite a bit of work to pull off and somehow I do. The past few years I've had a dance area. The dance area is themed as well and initially was lit with a lot of black light, because black lights have a sweet effect especially with items that glow under them. Last year I added lasers to the black light mix. This year I did something totally different, a light wall. I still incorporated a little black light action to certain areas, but the focus was the light wall.

I've seen dance floors that light up before, and walls that light up in some fashion, so I thought, 'why not do something like this'? I didn't want this wall to be permanent but something I could create with a little ease (easy for me at least...). What comes easy to me are 2x4's, foam core and shop lights. I then thought, what out there could give me the flashing light effect? So I searched Christmas light and came across this brilliant item. I left easy access to the lighting controls inside the wall, which can be set to 1 of 8 different light settings. I used two of them, so I can get quite a few different effects out of the wall. Once I had all the items, I assembled the frame in one evening. The lighting and wires were all woven in as well.

With the frame and lights in place, I added white plastic to the whole grid. I then added a foam core border over the grid to give it more of a stylized design. At the end I used gaff tape to add sheets of colored cellophane to the panels and we were done! I now have a light wall that only takes up 9" of floor space!

My party went well and I think everyone enjoyed the wall. I hope to make use of the wall some more in the future. So there will be more dance parties for as long as the wall is up! Check out video of the wall stages and final product below!

-The Media Buff

p.s. Interested in seeing my 2013 Halloween costume? Check it out here, I was King Kandy!