Space Oddity

Sometimes you decide to buy an outfit because it speaks to you.

This past fall my wife and I visited a gigantic children’s clothing sale. Being the big Halloween people we are, we perused that section and I noticed a kids NASA space costume. We had to have it.

Now, for Halloween this year we already had a costume for our little girl. So I wanted to make use of this costume before she got too big to wear it. I came up with the idea for this video when David Bowie’s song, “Space Oddity” came to mind.

From there, I just listened to the words and visualized our little girl, in a space suit, headed to space with the use of playful construction paper.

I rummaged through all the random scrapbook paper we have and found papers that would work for this video. I then tore them up into the shapes I needed. I took several photos with my phone of each element, in a different position, and loaded them into the computer. From there I edited the paper and plugged them into my video.

The filmed shots of our daughter were pretty simple. It’s just her on a green screen doing her thing. I then took that footage and cut it into the segments of the video. I added in the construction paper elements and there we have it. Our little Space Oddity came to life.

- The Media Buff