#TBT Michelle + Andrew: 05-19-2007

I’ve been doing recap videos for years now.

Back in 2007 my friend Andrew asked me to film his wedding. However, he didn’t ask me to edit anything - he just wanted the footage. That was totally fine, but it always bugs me that this was one of the only weddings I filmed for which I did not edit a recap video (sorry Groces!).

So, come 2017 I decided I would do one of my specialties for their wedding, a recap video, as a sort of #TBT (throwback Thursday). Ten years had passed, so I decided to take all the footage, pull out some of my favorite shots and make a recap.

Sometimes when filming a project I keep in mind that I want to get a shot that would at least look good for a recap (as recaps are quick clips). With this wedding I filmed everything as smoothly as I could, as I don’t typically give a client the raw footage, and for this instance that’s all I gave them. So I wanted to make sure it all looked good. I still filmed in a way to get my nice little clips were that to ever happen, and come 2017 it did!

- The Media Buff