Anita + David: 9-27-14

I've known Anita since about 2007, when she was hired on staff at my place of employment. Since about 2008 or 2009, she's been with David. So I've gotten to know their relationship quite well over the past several years! It's no surprise that Anita asked me to film their wedding this past weekend!

Anita is the kind of woman who just engages you and draws you in. She's very outspoken but it takes a second for her to let you in. My first encounter with Anita was at a lunch. She was recovering from a hospital experience and in the funniest mood. I friended her on Facebook immediately after that lunch. The rest is history.

Anita is the type of person to plan an event down to the last table setting (working with her I know this first hand). She makes sure an event is planned years in advance if she has her way, and she did when it came to her own wedding. A year and a half before Anita and David were to be wed, they got engaged. She spent that time going through many things; a physical transformation, a job change and wedding planning. In the midst of that wedding planning, she asked me to film her big day.

One of the more unique elements of her big day was having a VERY small wedding, maybe 20-25 people in attendence. These were her close relatives and her bridal party. The event took place at Eagle Creek Park in Indianapolis, IN. The wedding was made even more unique because she had me film it and then proceed to edit it into a 4 minute recap video that would be played 3 hours later at their reception. The reception had roughly 80 people, many of those people were from out-of-town and most had not attended the wedding.

After the wedding was wrapped, I quickly rushed to the reception location and setup shop. I downloaded the footage, downloaded the audio, cut everything down and arranged it into a nice little recap of the wedding. I even managed to send Anita a video text of the (hopefully) final product for approval! The video was finished and approved and I presented it to the reception crowd.

After all that, I filmed most of the reception itself and then headed home. I hope to have a recap of the entire event on an updated version of this blog post soon!

It was a challenging experience turning around a video edit so quickly, but not my craziest edit. I wish David and Anita the happiest of marriages and thank them for the awesome day!

-The Media Buff