Katie + Kenneth: 4-19-13

2014 has been quite a year of wedding editing for me! I've filmed 3 weddings this year, and edited 4. You'll find out why the 4th wedding came in late at the end. Last year I had the opportunity to film the wedding of a very old friend. My friend, Katie, was engaged to Ken in late 2012 and soon after that they asked if I would film their wedding. I happily agreed to film, as I know many of the people involved in the wedding and it was bound to be a day worth capturing! I've known Katie since about 1998. She was in the same youth group I attended (and the same youth group I still volunteer with), and subsequently I got to know her and her family over the years. They became some very dear friends.

Katie first brought Ken around in early 2012. I first met Ken while a few of us were meeting regularly on Monday's to watch Stargate SG-1, because we're all self-proclaimed sci-fi geeks. My first impression of Ken was that he was punctual, perhaps trying to impress Katie :) He arrived first to my house, before anyone else was there, to watch the show. We grew to see how much Ken and Katie liked each other as she kept bringing him around - something she hadn't done with really anyone. Over the months we got to know Ken more and more, and eventually, on a trip to California, Ken popped the big question. We had an idea this might happen, and so with that, the wedding planning began!

Katie and Ken's wedding took place on a brisk day in April, 2013. This day was unlike any other we've seen in a while. There was flooding all around, snow flurries, and chilly temperatures! Seriously, the road to the venue slowly flooded in both directions that day. This sadly affected some of the attendance, but that didn't affect Katie and Ken's mood. They were all smiles that day, and that comes across clearly in all the footage my now wife, Meredith, and I took.

After the wedding, as time went by, we all became pretty busy. Katie and Ken weren't in a hurry to receive their wedding video, I still needed to get music for elements of it, and the year got pretty busy (I was engaged in December of 2013). I saw both of them all the time, but the project kind of took a back seat, and oddly enough that was ok for everyone. Katie and Ken soon welcomed their first child, Bowen, in early 2014, just elevating the busyness. As 2014 drew to a close, I decided to complete their wedding project. This involved harassing Katie's brother for wedding music off and on (he was the DJ), and eventually finding music that would work just fine for the project. I edited together a "recap", "getting ready", "full wedding" and "reception" video for Katie and Ken.

In December, Katie, Ken, and a few others of us would get together for a "Friendsmas", or Friend’s Christmas... I chose to give them their wedding video as a Christmas gift! So unbeknownst to them, their wedding footage was edited and ready to go! It was a real treat to watch them open the gift and see their wedding ready to be viewed. We all watched the recap video (seen below) and I could tell they were pleased to have the wedding in hand.

I want to continue to wish Katie and Ken the happiest of marriages! Thankful for your friendship and geekiness :)

-Media Buff

p.s. Check out some photos from the event on my friend Jess Strickland's website.