The LOFT Signs 2005 and 2013

As most of you can figure from some of these blog entries, I'm pretty involved with my churches youth group and have been for over 15 years. Our church has a Loft type room where we hold youth group. I've seen this room go from an empty, unused shell to a fully functioning youth room. The first time we painted this room was in 2001. I saw the carpet go in, the walls get painted and the furniture assembled. Since then, the room has been painted probably three separate times. The most recent time was this past August; the carpet was torn up, the walls were re-painted for a 4th time, the room was stripped bare and the floor was sanded/stained and sealed (this is quite trendy now I hear). This recent major overhaul changed the entire look of the room, eliminating all design from the past, except for one element; two room signs.

I've helped created many items to decorate this room with. Two of those items included room signs that designate this room as "The LOFT". I was asked to create these signs in 2005. Each sign is a slightly different design and they are made of plywood, screws, ceiling lights and rusty old metal from a local farm silo that was later torn down (images below). I designed, built and had help hanging these signs in 2005. 8 years later, The LOFT underwent this renovation. I come to find that the only thing left from the previous 12 years of this room will be my two Loft signs and that they helped inspire the paint job and styling for the room! I felt pretty good about that, not only did we get to keep two things I worked quite hard on, but these two things inspired the look of the room. The look being the paint job, and some of the industrial feel of the room.

With this renovation, the sign at one end of the room had the wall behind it painted, as well as a panel on it painted. The sign at the other end of the room was taken down and relocated downstairs. It will be used to entice and pull people upstairs to The LOFT. This sign was never actually wired to light up, but should be this round, with color changing lights!

After seeing the room go through so many changes over the years, with many things I've helped with come down and get tossed or get painted over, it's nice to see something I've worked on get used in such a powerful way for the next chapter of this room. Check out some images from the 2005 sign construction and the 2013 renovation below and visit my churches youth page here.

-The Media Buff