Dustin + Callie: Engaged

Dustin and Callie Engagement Shoot.

I recently had the opportunity to take engagement photos of my best friend Dustin and his future bride, Callie. I have known Dustin for over 10 years and it was an honor to take these photos. I've never seen Dustin happier than he is when he's with Callie. I also have the honor of being Dustin's Best Man and am very much looking forward to their wedding day!

Dustin, Callie and I headed down to Brown County State Park in Nashville, IN for a day of shooting. It's Fall in Indiana, so the leaves are changing like crazy and nowhere are they changing more than they are in Brown County. With the assistance of my girlfriend and lens carrier, Meredith, I think we got some great shots!

See the full engagement shoot below:

-The Media Buff